Lydia Luxury Villa



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House information

Lydia Luxury villa is located at the traditional settlement of Karterados village in Santorini.

Lydia is one of the original cave dwellings. The house preserves an
aristocratic character inherited from the old years, keeps its traditional architecture and style and offers a collection of beautiful authentic furniture and items.

The property features a private patio with a sitting area and two houses with interconnected terraces and  a spacious outdoor hot tub Jacuzzi.

The main house offers a fully equipped kitchen, a living room with a TV, a dining room and a bathroom with shower. There are two bedrooms. A bedroom with a double bed  and another bedroom with two twin beds and an internal loft with a double bed and an ensuite bathroom with shower.
The main house accommodates up to 7 guests.

The second house is a maisonette house, it is also a fully equipped house with a spacious living room and a dining area, a bathroom with shower and a kitchenette. At the the upper level there is a bedroom with a double bed and an ensuite bathroom. The bedroom has a private balcony, along with access to the upper terraces of the villa.
This house can accommodate up to 3 guests.

Both houses are rented as one private property and are available to accommodate with ease up to 10 guests. 

Lydia luxury villa provides a large hot tub Jacuzzi at the roof top, ideal to enjoy a glass of wine, gazing the view.

The main house accommodates up to 7 guests. The second house is available for more than 7 guests.

Lydia Luxury Villa